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    Jessica & Sean's Vow Renewal

    They may have renewed their vows but I get the impression that their mutual love never really expired so I guess it was more of a reaffirmation than anything.

    We made custom invitations for the ceremony that I'm pretty happy with! They were based on an old film called (ironically in light of the fact that it's an invitaion for a vow renewal,) The Cheat. Here is the original and my version:

    So much of photography is being in the right place at the right time and I could have arranged my subjects or gotten better expressions in this shot if I had directed everything myself!

    Jack stares out in the distance while his parents re-exchange their vows

    One of the initial factors that led Jess & Sean to choose us was our ever-popular photo booth.

    Behold… The Jewelry Box Photobooth!

    Sean and Jessica (and everybody else) started to cut up as soon as they stepped in front of our curtain

    To see (or purchase prints of) all of the photos from

    The Jewelry Box Photobooth and more, check out the gallery


    When Adam Met Sally…

    I don't have anything with which to continue the ellipsis at the end of the title of this post; but when else am I ever likely to make a When Harry Met Sally reference on this website? Sorry, I'm rambling…

    Sally and Adam had one of, if not the, quickest ceremonies that I have ever photographed (about 4 minutes from the moment Sally walked down the aisle to the moment they walked hand in hand back the other way!!)

    After Sally met Adam at the front of the room, Bryan Flynn, who presided over the ceremony, said something along the lines of "In talking to Sally and Adam, they told me that they didn't want a long, drawn out ceremony so in light of their request, do you Adam take Sally to be…" and with a couple simple questions, they were husband and wife! 'You may now kiss the bride' came up so fast, it nearly caught me of guard; fortunately, Wendy was right there to catch anything I missed!

    The ceremony and reception were both held at The Children's Museum of Winston-Salem and it was a wonderful venue for a wedding! There was a youthful feeling in the air; Sally tossed her bouquet from halfway up a kid-size beanstalk that leads to the second floor!! (She was actually standing on the staircase beside the beanstalk but it would have been neat if she was climbing on it!)

    To view all the photos, go to our gallery page (you can also purchase prints if you wish!)


    American Girl Fashion Show®

    On May 18th and 19th, The Children's Museum of Winston-Salem hosted an American Girl Fashion Show® and it was adorable! The girls, who wore matching clothes with one of the American Girl dolls, all did an amazing job. I know you parents and relatives have been anxiously waiting for these pictures so let's get to it!

    Click one of these two images to view the galleries of photos!

    Photos from the runway (split into 4 galleries)Modern Automotive Red Carpet and Camaro Portraits








    If you pre-ordered a single or double package, please contact '' with your selection(s) by June 14th. Photos will all be delivered in 7-10 days. (If you pre-ordered, you should have gotten or will be getting an email from the Children's Museum, also.)

    If you did not pre-order, simply order from the gallery and, again, photos will be delivered within 7-10 days.


    Thank you to both The Children's Museum of Winston-Salem and Modern Automotive and also all of the models for doing such an amazing job!


    Liz & Till

    On August 4th, we had the privilage of photographing the beautiful backyard ceremony of Liz Ball and Till Haak. This photo links to a gallery of the whole event

    This is what love looks like!


    Michelle & Brendan

    Michelle and Brendan had a sweet ceremony in a meadow nestled in the woods of Durham, NC.

    Michelle helps pin Brendan's boutineer


    I waited with the couple at their house while everyone else went to the meadow. I drove them to the wedding site so we joked that I was their "chautographer!"


    Brendan and Michelle walked down the wooded path that led to the meadow; Brendan played accoustic guitar as they walked. It was beautiful!


    A bee came near Sophia (Michelle's oldest daughter) but she didn't make a peep until Michelle had finished reciting her vows at which point she said, "A bee. It's on me! A BEE!! A bee…" She kept her composure, though, even if she was a little embarassed afterward.


    "May your path be adventurous and your love remain forever strong. You may now kiss each other and go forth on your amazing journey together!"


    A few months earlier, they had seen the band, Another Roadside Attraction preforming at a local flea market and decided that they would have to get them to play at the reception. They play an eclectic blend of prohibition era gypsy jazz, folk, bluegrass and more. They fit perfectly with the feel of the entire wedding! 


    Chasing a Zhu Zhu Pet


    The first dance (of many more to come.)