When Adam Met Sally‚Ķ
Monday, July 1, 2013 at 12:15PM
Daniel in Children's Museum, Winston-Salem, wedding

I don't have anything with which to continue the ellipsis at the end of the title of this post; but when else am I ever likely to make a When Harry Met Sally reference on this website? Sorry, I'm rambling…

Sally and Adam had one of, if not the, quickest ceremonies that I have ever photographed (about 4 minutes from the moment Sally walked down the aisle to the moment they walked hand in hand back the other way!!)

After Sally met Adam at the front of the room, Bryan Flynn, who presided over the ceremony, said something along the lines of "In talking to Sally and Adam, they told me that they didn't want a long, drawn out ceremony so in light of their request, do you Adam take Sally to be…" and with a couple simple questions, they were husband and wife! 'You may now kiss the bride' came up so fast, it nearly caught me of guard; fortunately, Wendy was right there to catch anything I missed!

The ceremony and reception were both held at The Children's Museum of Winston-Salem and it was a wonderful venue for a wedding! There was a youthful feeling in the air; Sally tossed her bouquet from halfway up a kid-size beanstalk that leads to the second floor!! (She was actually standing on the staircase beside the beanstalk but it would have been neat if she was climbing on it!)

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