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    Michelle & Brendan

    Michelle and Brendan had a sweet ceremony in a meadow nestled in the woods of Durham, NC.

    Michelle helps pin Brendan's boutineer


    I waited with the couple at their house while everyone else went to the meadow. I drove them to the wedding site so we joked that I was their "chautographer!"


    Brendan and Michelle walked down the wooded path that led to the meadow; Brendan played accoustic guitar as they walked. It was beautiful!


    A bee came near Sophia (Michelle's oldest daughter) but she didn't make a peep until Michelle had finished reciting her vows at which point she said, "A bee. It's on me! A BEE!! A bee…" She kept her composure, though, even if she was a little embarassed afterward.


    "May your path be adventurous and your love remain forever strong. You may now kiss each other and go forth on your amazing journey together!"


    A few months earlier, they had seen the band, Another Roadside Attraction preforming at a local flea market and decided that they would have to get them to play at the reception. They play an eclectic blend of prohibition era gypsy jazz, folk, bluegrass and more. They fit perfectly with the feel of the entire wedding! 


    Chasing a Zhu Zhu Pet


    The first dance (of many more to come.)


    Danielle & Wesly

    Danielle and Wesly were married in the courtyard of Harmon House, in Kernersville, NC last spring. The weather was not very cooperative but, in the end, everything was beautiful!


    Wesly was the typical nervous groom; he repeatedly popped his head out of the back door as everybody got to their seats.


    With the combination of wind and rain proved to make the lighting of the unity candle a bit more difficult than expected but the happy couple managed to see the humor in the situation!


    Aunt Fern would be proud!


    One good thing about light rain is it makes some some really fantastic detail shots!


    Wesly and Danielle went across the street to Harmon Park shortly after the ceremony for some quiet slow dancing before joining the reception party.


    What a happy couple!


    You Are Only Four Once (for 365 Days)

    Ender plus several of his closest friends and family celebrated his 4th birthday at Bounce U in Lewisville, NC and, let me tell you, Bounce U is awesome!

    With giant inflatable slides and obstacle courses, Ender was worn out… for about 30 seconds!

    Bounce U is a veritable playground for young and old alike. I think the parents had more fun than any of the little ones. Everyone had fun on the big slide

    After moving the multiple play areas, everyone is lead to the party room for cake and presents.

    You're never too young to look tough!


    Everybody Loves A Photobooth!

    Winston-Salem band, Black Widow made a stunning debut performance

    In spite of the rainy weather, the Breath of Life benefit show and art auction was great! When all was said and done, over $1,300 was raised for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! Event planners, Nouvelle Soirée were invaluable to event organizer, Bree Hilton; making sure that everything ran smoothly and efficiently.

    Brooke and Anna of Nouvelle Soiree made sure everything ran smoothly including the silent art auction which raised nearly $700!

    Throughout the evening, we ran our photobooth portrait station and, for the first time, offered prints on the spot. Here is a sampling of the portraits that were made.

    Wendy's husband shot some pictures of us so we could get all of our settings nailed down


    It was an amazing evening for a great cause and I can't wait until next year. Thank you, Bree, for creating this annual event!

    Greensboro band, Friend House was added to the roster after the flyers were made


    Breath of Life

    Hey everybody! Tonight, Dan and I are setting up the ol' photo booth at the second annual Breath of Life benefit for Cystic Fibrosis. This is something that Dan and his sister, Bree Hilton, put on in honor of their cousin, Matt Degregory. Live music, an art auction, and of course us!!! Please come out and have a good time for a good cause!

    Check out the flyers Dan made up for the event. So cool...

    Hope to see you there!!!