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    Brandi & Cody

    Brandi and Cody were married at Salem Glen Golf and Country Club in Clemmons, NC. What follows are some of our favorite images that we captured that day. (You can see highlights from Brandi's bridal session here.)


    Cody looking very dapper...

    and Brandi gets fabulous!

    A high five for good measure...

    Just beautiful...

    So sweet...


    Funniest thing I've ever seen! He went for the garter, and came out with these! Brandi had no idea and the place fell out!!!

    Sparkly exit!

    Best of luck, guys!




    Breakfast with Santa at the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem

    Dan and I had the pleasure of photographing Breakfast with Santa at the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem. All of the kids were soooo cute, and Santa was amazing (of course!) The beautiful snow falling outside really made it magical!

    Here are a couple of sweeties. Happy Holidays, everyone!

    P.S. We have been asked to cover the Daddy Daughter Dance in February at the Children's Museum, as well. I cannot tell you how excited I am! Little girls all dressed up! Awwwwww!!! If you have never been to the museum, it really is spectacular! Definitely check it out.


    Brandi's Bridal Portraits

    Now that Brandi and Cody are hitched, we can share these amazing portraits!




     These two are so adorable!



    Just a few more :-) She's so beautiful!



    This was one of our most favorite images from the entire shoot. We made a 16x20" print to be displayed at the reception and it looked gorgeous (especially behind glass, in the frame that Brandi picked out!) Brandi could totally be a magazine cover girl.



     Their wedding was even more amazing! Please stay tuned for a full recap!



    Long Time, No Blog

    To quote Dr. Nick from The Simpsons, "Hey everybody!" I was meeting with Wendy today and we discussed how we've been slackity-slack about updating this blog. Please allow me to bring everyone up to speed.


    We have been picking up speed in the last month or so. On September 10-12, we shot a weekend-long wedding event for Amy & Connor outside of Hendersonville, NC (full post to come.)


    The following weekend we did a delightful family portrait session for Daniel, A.J. and their two newly adopted sons, Jackson (age 5) and Peyton (age 23 days!!) in the morning and an equally delightful bridal portrait session for Brandi in the afternoon/evening. You can expect a post for Daniel & A.J. but we will wait to post any images of Brandi's session until after their wedding on October 23rd so as not to spoil any wedding dress revelatory surprise but trust me, they are spectacular!


    In the coming weeks, we will be photographing engagement sessions and the weddings of Brandi & Cody, as well as, Cayce & Seth. October should be a busy month for Hearts & Arrows and I couldn't be happier!


    Justin & Stacy's Wedding

    This past Saturday, Will and I photographed our first wedding conducted inside of a planetarium! When Stacy told me that she and Justin were planning on getting married in the SciWorks Planetarium, my first thought was, "A wedding in a planetarium!? This is going to make for some awesome photographs!" But then my second thought was, "Oh no! How are going to properly light a planetarium?"

    Let me back up; Justin started volunteering at SciWorks when he was a teenager which eventually led to a job running the planetarium. He had written a program specifically for the ceremony which culminated in a star-filled "sky" which was really quite lovely. Unfortunately, it left the couple standing in almost total darkness and to sufficiently light them would effectively destroy the "starry night" effect. After some trail and error in the months leading up to the wedding (and the practically endless patience of Justin and Stacy,) we found a lighting scheme that worked and everyone agreed upon. I think it turned out beautifully! This is one of my favorite shots from the ceremony:

    What do you think?